Inspired by Stella Polaris, the North star, which has guided explorers through the ages, Polaris is today's leading light for Frozen food business leaders.

Established as an elite private club, Polaris brings together the inner circle of the world's frozen food companies. It is a key focal point for strategic exchanges, lasting alliances and decisive influence serving to grow the global market...

Polaris Events were founded in 2014.

How each Polaris event works

Building relationships

  • A unique opportunity to meet the elite of the food business, face to face
  • A fast-track way to access exclusive high-level information and negotiations
  • A rare chance to personnally get to know the most promising , trust-worthy business partners and develop useful networks

Building business

  • Members enjoy access business power that would otherwise remain out of reach.
  • Participants identify and explore new business opportunities in a privileged and relaxed environment.
  • The neutral setting encourages free-flowing discussion to fine-tune transactions, analyse problems and confirm agreements.

Building the industry

  • An ideal forum to discuss new technology and safety issues.
  • A reliable way to identify frozen food trends and capitalise on them early.
  • An efficient arena to highlight strategies and channels to facilitate business from different parts of the world.

Polaris Los Angeles

Frozen fruits and vegetables

10 | 11 November 2020

What: Over 1000 face-to-face meetings in 2 days between 100 frozen food professionals.

Who: Asian/Oceanian/American largest frozen Fruits/vegetables buyers and worldwide suppliers.

How: Exceptional networking in an exceptional venue facing splendid golf course.

Polaris Lisbon

Frozen fruits

28 | 29 APRIL 2020

What: A select event restricted to only 100 suppliers worldwide and 50 European buyers.

Who: For the frozen fruit business. Strictly limited number of companies per country.

How: Buyers and suppliers invite each other for face-to-face meetings of usually 30 minutes each. In less than 24 hours, a participant can generate up to 30 meetings.


Polaris in Asia

Polaris in Europe

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